Tell the European Parliament you oppose animal testing

Tell the European Parliament you oppose animal testing

Urgent! Now is the time to tell the European Parliament that you are against animal testing

Please write to your Members of the European Parliament as a matter of urgency before 24th May 2023 to help stop the cruelty of animal testing. Did you know there are elections to the European Parliament next year? So now is a great time to encourage your representatives to listen to your concerns.

There is a critical public hearing on 25th May 2023 at the European Parliament to discuss how to respond to a European Citizens Initiative to tackle animal testing. Powerful chemical and drug companies are using their huge financial muscle to try to block the public’s opposition to animal cruelty in research and testing. But defenceless animals are completely reliant on you to stand up for them. 

Ireland has three European Parliament constituencies: Dublin, South and Midlands-North-West. You can check to see which constituency you live in by looking at the map here.

You can see who the MEPs are for your region and their email addresses here. Please write to all the MEPs in your region.

Below is a template letter you can use, but it will have even more impact if you can personalise it. It would be great if you can post on our Facebook page about the replies you receive (or don’t receive). 


I am writing to you, as a constituent who is deeply concerned about both cruelty to animals and improving medical research and testing, to ask you to attend the European Parliament public hearing on 25th May (9am-12 noon) on the successful European Citizens' Initiative Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics, Commit to a Europe Without Animal Testing.

I hope you can show interest and support for this very important cause – these are issues that I will take into account when voting in next year’s European elections.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your position on this issue and what actions you will take in support of this initiative.

Yours sincerely