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The End Animal Testing ECI has smashed the requirement of gathering 1 million validated signatures.

A change in U.S. law allows the animal-free testing of new drugs using modern, human-based methods.

The IAVS is grateful for the small mercy of an 11% reduction in animal tests, with 15,760 less animals being painfully sacrificed in Irish labs.

The long-term campaign for Air France to stop taking part in the transportation of primates to laboratories has finally paid off.

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Irish Anti-Vivisection Society Freedom of Information request uncovers evidence of unnecessary suffering in severe tests.


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IAVS response to 2021 Irish animal experimentation statistics

  • The death toll of over 121,000 animals is still a bloody stain on Ireland’s reputation. Once again, most of these killings are due to extremely cruel poisoning tests of botox-type products.

    Catherine Morrow - IAVS Chairperson
  • We are very disturbed by the large increase of 29% in the number of animals used in ‘basic research’. The government’s licensing of these experiments shows it gives no meaningful regard to the welfare of the animals.

    Dr Dan Lyons - IAVS Policy Advisor
  • Despite the existence of non-animal methods, the government has continued to licence animal testing for cosmetic botulinum while doing nothing to facilitate sharing of knowledge regarding these non-animal tests.

    Jenn Scannell - IAVS Spokesperson