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Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 became a pandemic within a few weeks. We all hope for a fast development of vaccination and antiviral drugs.

As the deadly coronavirus spreads exponentially across the globe, researchers are racing to develop a vaccine that will bring the pandemic to a halt.

Irish universities have purchased over 46,000 live animals for research use between 2017 and 2018, with Trinity and University College Cork far surpassing the national average.

In January 2019 the Health Business Services, tendered for consultancy companies to bid to write a report ‘to determine the feasibility of establishing a Large Animal Test Facility in Ireland’, following lobbying from multi-national biotech firms.

The IAVS and colleagues in the ECEAE are welcoming news that French pharmaceutical company Ipsen has received approval in August 2018 to move away from severely cruel live animal tests to use a cell-based method to test botox products sold in the EU and Switzerland. Read more...

The Irish Government has revealed another increase in the number of animals subjected to painful tests in the country’s laboratories. In 2017 there was a 7% rise in experiments to 242,302, compared with 226,934 in 2016. Read more...

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IAVS response to 2017 Irish animal experimentation statistics

  • The IAVS is both exasperated and appalled by the increasing toll of animal suffering in Irish laboratories.

    Yvonne Smalley - IAVS Chairwoman
  • The number of tests categorised at the highest level of suffering – ‘severe’ - also increased by more than 4,000 to 70,596. Therefore, in terms of animal suffering per capita, Ireland continues to be the ‘cruel man of Europe’.  

    Dr Dan Lyons - IAVS Policy Advisor
  • The Government, at the very least, needs to follow other EU states and establish a centre to coordinate and promote humane alternatives to animal tests.

    Yvonne Smalley - IAVS Chairwoman